The History Of Goats And Humans!

The relationships of humans and goats

goats have played an essential relationship in the history of mankind. this boy and his goat have a beautiful kinship. A twinkle in the eye reveals the goat's mischievous nature as it attempts to comfort this forlorn child.

Here a man traverses lone winter fields trusty hunting goat at his side. In times of scarcity goats could make great hunting companions, stomping prey and predator alike with their sharpened, cloven hooves.
Special breeds of goats where bred, leading to a larger sturdier size and more frightening bleat. Now non-existent, goats like these provided invaluable sustenance and protection to their human wards

Grand Duchess Elisabeth Marie Nikolavski pictured with the Alkavia royal family's goats, a symbol of national pride, circa 1937. Taken just two years before WWII, these goats eventually became a symbol of resistance and hope to many native Alkavians.


(picutred above early goat reacreational technology)

the goats horns great jupming height and delicateky precise hooves make them great during natural disasters but unforantuyly that are just simply not enouhg goats to meet hte demand. there is hope that goat recerational techinology will one day have a future positive impact on myany natural disasters and crisises

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